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Growhouse is a community-based, public art experiment on a quarter-acre property in downtown Phoenix that is dedicated to the local food and handmade movement. Growhouse started on a vacant, blighted property as an informal greening, arts and revitalization initiative by two artists, Kenny Barrett and Kelly Placke, in November of 2008. Since then, Growhouse has grown into a beautiful, sustainable community garden, residence, artist collective and boutique supported by hundreds of community members and volunteers.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Newsletter

2009 is sure to be a plentiful year at the Roosevelt gRow Garden, especially with the help of all of you!
We are still plugging away every Sunday from 10am till sunset, and we invite you to stop in to lend a hand on new and current projects, or to just say hey and take a look at what's been happening!
- FEBRUARY begins the new planting season.... We are now looking for members to grow!
- Our "trial plants" grew beautifully in the past few months, and we've been eating many a delicious pepper and feasting our eyes on our short but beautiful sunflowers! Peas, kale and carrots will be ready for harvest soon!!
-Our friends at Food Not Bombs recently donated a compost barrel! ...bring your organic waste (no oils, dairy, or meat) to help make new soil and learn how to compost... it's easier than you'd think!
-We've finished mosaicing 2 of the 5 parking curbs to bring a little color and creativity to the garden... still working on the others... if you need a dose of therapeutic art, this project is sure to provide!
-We've successfully raised the funds during the past few First Fridays to get more composted organic soil, an outdoor utility sink, and (hopefully) more piping to extend the irrigation!
-Filling last two beds with soil
-Pouring cement pavers for patio work area
-Laying PVC in areas that have not been irrigated yet
-Xeroscaping the front to create a space to relax and have garden dinners!
As you can see, we have much to do in the next few weeks! We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!!

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