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Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Growhouse is a community-based, public art experiment on a quarter-acre property in downtown Phoenix that is dedicated to the local food and handmade movement. Growhouse started on a vacant, blighted property as an informal greening, arts and revitalization initiative by two artists, Kenny Barrett and Kelly Placke, in November of 2008. Since then, Growhouse has grown into a beautiful, sustainable community garden, residence, artist collective and boutique supported by hundreds of community members and volunteers.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beet the heat!

Another season begins at the Roosevelt Grow Collective Garden at the "Growhouse." Last Sunday was our first day back in the garden. It was a blast and we had an outstanding turnout of volunteers. Over twenty people turned up to garden with us in 110 degree weather!

Despite the heat, we all barreled forward with an ambition work plan AND got to break in the brand new tiller we were fortunate enough to receive through our first-ever garden grant - thank you Keep Arizona Beautiful!!!!
With the tiller, we were able to get more work done in one day than ever before. We prepped the entire ROW bed on the South side of the garden, built berms, and tilled composted organic manure into the soil. After one day that entire area is ready for seeds! Such great work.
When they were done with that, our beautiful, hard working, super ambitious volunteers completely leveled and mulched our new outdoor learning area. The outdoor learning area is something we wanted to create for when we have large groups out to Garden, for example the Bioscience High School students who we've newly embarked on a partnership with as part of their Connections Endeavors and Community Action for Nutrition (CAN) programs.

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with the community effort we had on Sunday and can't wait till this Sunday!

(If you want to get involved, just show up! Garden Volunteer Days are every Sunday from 10am - 2pm.)